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by Stalkan

I have three Osprey bags that I have used for commuting. the Escapists series has great breathable straps and the ventilation on the back is pretty good. I've also used the Osprey Momentum, but I have found it to be a heater in comparison. My smallest bag is the Raptor, which also breathes well, but it is too small unless you travel very light (no way a laptop is fitting, either). The Escapist 32 is big enough to cary my 15" MBP, Lunch and breakfast, water bottle for my desk, mug for my coffee, rain cape, charger for MBP, some socks, if I wanted a change of clothes and it would still have space for much much more. It is not waterproof, but comes with a rain cover that deploys easily.

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by adcords

I haven't seen anyone recommend these (Henty Wingman), much to my surprise. Best cycling backpack for corporate hands down

I invested in one of the backpack versions a month or two ago. Works as a suit carrier and great for getting suits/shirts to and from work. I've even used it as carry on luggage going away.

by Weenie

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by Arph

Panniers indeed, absolutely waterproof, and you ride like you are not carrying anything, except that you get to do harder efforts because of weight and wind resistance of the bags. A stiff headwind with 2 Ortlieb panniers on the flat is a good climbing exercise ;)

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by woody0160

I use a Rapha Commuter roll top bag. It's not a great backpack tbh, mainly because there's no chest strap. However, it does have a good laptop sleeve, it's pretty waterproof and laid on its back fits perfectly across the front of my commuter bike in a spesh pizza rack, held on by Restrap elastic straps. Works perfectly for me, can use it as a backpack from the bike be shelter to my desk and means I don't have to have panniers, always hated them.

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