Flat near valve on clincher

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by joeyb1000

Any thoughts?
Relatively new vittoria latex tube on campy Bora C23 two-way-fit rims. Tube flatted just as I was heading out. Note that that's two layers of latex. (Tire is 28mm, tube is 25-28mm).

by Weenie

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by jlok

Tried to patch the same puncture but eventually the patch failed. Trash it I'd say.

btw, is your Bora C23 the non-Ultra model? How much does it weigh?
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by bobones

Is there something sharp or rough on the rim bed causing it to puncture there?

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by joeyb1000

I took the tire off the other wheel to check it. I didn't notice any issue around the valve, but I did notice the tube stuck to the tire (vittoria latex and veloflex corsa evo). That may be the root of the problem if the tube is being held into the tire and having to expand into the void.

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by 6fu

Vittoria latex tubes (25-28mm version) and veloflex Corsa Evo 28mm here as well. No problems with it... The location of the puncture doesn't indicate that if was caused by the tire. The black marking around the hole looks suspicious but maybe the tube was faulty if there is no problems with the other wheel?

Of course, you need to be super careful when installing latex tube to avoid it pinching and in general avoid pulling the valve stem too hard when pumping up

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