Schmolke TLO experience?

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by GravelFactor

I m using 25 mm tires on my road bike and on the look for new wheels (EU based). Found Schmolke and consider a set of 47 mm front and 62 mm rear, DT 180 hubs.
28 mm wide, 21 mm internal.

I searched the forum but could not find any entries relating to these wheels.

Any experience with the wheels?
In particular the rims and build quality.

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by mrlobber

What is the reason of choosing Schmolke other than just spending a ton of money, as there are reputable Chinese wheel builders with equal or lighter weight rims, but much better rim specs in terms of internal / external widths?

IIRC, there were some troubles with (at least early) Schmolke rims due to the manufacturing process they used, and I think, these were even mentioned around here.
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by Weenie

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