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by Weber

Hello, I have some Roval Alpinist CL II wheels and I would like to try tubeless for the first time.

Do I have any considerations to take into account? Maximum tyre? Minimum tyre?


I wouldn't want any accident to happen to me because I did things wrong. Where could I read?

The inner ring is 21c.

Surely according to what they tell me I will go for some continental 5000 TL

I'm using a TCR Advanced 2021 and i'm weighting 70kg

by Weenie

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by BBres

I just purchased the Alipinists CL II yesterday and in the evening I installed the GP 5000 S TR 28c

The minimum recommended tire is 25 mm, but I'd recommend 28 mm or 30 mm tire. For me the 28 mm is a sweetspot. My weight is ca. 65 kg, and I pump my tires to 60-65 PSI depending on the terrain and the surface conditons, but mostly prefer about 60 PSI = 4 bar. For worse or wet conditions I sometimes drop the pressure to 50-55 PSI.

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by Ytse

The Alpinist CL II is a tubeless wheelset, so no problems should occur, at least nothing specifict to this wheelset or rim. Any modern tubeless tyre should be fine, most probably your frame will limit the maximum width. A 25mm Conti GP5000TL will probably come as 26-27 WAM, a 28mm Conti GP will measure more like 30mm when inflated. For tyre pressure setup, I can recommend this guide
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by MasterBean

Minimum 23mm maximum 55mm. GP5000 S TR is the standard choice.

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by Weber

Thanks for your responses.

I'm going to look for the maximum tyre width my frame can allow. I guess is 28 or 30

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