feedback issues CS bearings in black inc wheelset?

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by extrusionedwin

hello everyone, my friends told me the ceramic speed brand bearing for BB is not good, after one months starts to have some issue, needs to repair,
and get the warranty, after a months, finally sold the BB CS, replacing back the standard shimano BB, are more durable and easy to maintanance.

so for my curiosity, the cs bearings in black inc, roval or any carbonwheelset, it is possible have the same issue, for long term are not durable, and start to make some noise, the surface are not good, or needs to replace, maintanance?.

I worry of the cs bearing are not better than enduro, or S&S bearings, the cost are too expensive and I don't know if is worth to change to CS bearings in the carbonwheelset.

I know the water proof are terrible in the old model of black inc wheels, hope this don't affect the durability of the CS bearings.
many people told me the issue in the ceramic speed bearings is :

1. after some roads, start to feel a grain sense inside of the bearings.
2. easy to rust
3. waterproof not good
4. very easy to get dusty


by Weenie

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by Nickldn

CS bearings are fine if properly maintained and used as intended. I have been using CS in BBs for years with no issues.

As with any bearing it's vital to keep it greased up. The difference with CS is that you can de-grease and apply brand new grease periodically to keep the bearings in peak condition. This is not generally recommended with steel bearings like Enduro, etc.

Of course if you don't do good maintenance, or ride through a river then you'll ruin the bearings quickly.
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by CogInTheMachine

I agree that CeramicSpeed bearings last a long time when used as intended, which is for ultimate speed in clean and dry conditions.
They're optimized to minimize rolling resistance, but have severely compromised weatherproofing. They are more shielded than sealed, so fine dust and any water penetrates them easily. They can't stand getting wet, and are allergic to road salt. When water or dust gets in they can be cleaned and re-greased, but if you neglect to do that immediately they rust or seize easily (even the "coated" versions). At least, that's my experience.

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