Roval CLX50 Sagan Edition or Roval Rapide CLX

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by Gutonobre

Hi my friends. I'm looking at a Sworks SL6 Sagan Edition and the owner gave me the option to choose one of these two wheels... Which one would you choose?

From what I was able to research, the Sagan wheels have Ceramicspeed bearings and can use tubeless, while the Rapide have greater internal measurement, but use common bearings and do not allow tubeless...

by Weenie

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by BudhaNL

+1 for the CLX because of aero performance and good weight for a deep wheelset. A lot of people have good experience with tubeless on those but it is discouraged by Roval. I use them with TPU's for low weight where it matters.

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by mikehhhhhhh

Plenty of information around this forum on running the original CLX tubeless.

I'd choose the CLX - it's the more modern and faster wheelset. Pretty light, too!

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