Best carbon rim brake wheelset?

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by charirider

If you are true WW, then Ax Lightness Ultra 25T/28C models are the best you can get. Lighter than Lightweights.
If you just want a good deep profile wheelset, I would suggest Vision Metron SLs, especialy tubulars. I tried a lot of Zipp, Reynold, Mavic, C'Dale Hollowgram sets and Vision SL beats them all. Stiffest of them all and rolls super nicely. No wonder they get Sagan to the top when he rode for C'dale.
I never tried Campag Boras but they are presumably quite good. Also HED tubulars are great from what I've heard from other riders.
Enve is noodly (always rub brake pads) and bulging around spoke holes (same as Zipps) is not a sign of a good quality rims.

From Chinese stuff,
Elite Drive, Lun Hyper and Light Bicycle (custom) are good.

You choose.

If you want best of the best, I'd suggest to go with Gokiso Climber S-Spec hubs and Light Bicycle custom Falcon series rims.
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by Weenie

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by eurostar

If you want 28mm tyres and rule 105 compliance is there anything for rim brakes as good as Syncros Capital SL Aero? They would be my ultimate if I had disc brakes.

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by octav

If you live near mountains, I would pick Bora anyday. Had friends go through all types of wheels, Bora is really the best in braking for rim.
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by EtoDemerzel

Lightweights are a fashion brand. The PNS of carbon hoops.
They are not premiere quality in any regard.

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