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Joined: Wed Mar 22, 2023 2:33 am

by ClydesDale

HED just announced a new design on their Vanquish series. Allegedly more stable in crosswinds optimized for 25-28 mm tires. Unless I'm missing something - they're still on the portly side weight wise. I like the mix and match options between the 45 and 62...Also an 84 and a disc with the better hub. Thoughts??

by Weenie

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by toxin

Not very appealing from any perspective

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by m3bas

I ran the 60mm and 40mm of the Vanquish for several years. Amazing wheels, slightly heavy but all in the hubs which were bombproof. Hugely underrated wheels

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by BigBoyND

I've also been happy with HED wheels. Super solid and supports the local workforce.

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by rudye9mr

Anyone on the new 45 depth? Crosswind stability?

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