New Michelin Power Cup Tubeless: GP5K S TR competitor

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by mario27

mario27 wrote:
Fri Sep 08, 2023 5:51 pm
I received the package with two 25mm clincher. I had previously the 5000s from early November. November until early June made ~10500 kms then switch the front with the rear. Fitted today the michelins after 15000+ kms. Still some rubber but I didn't like the feeling anymore. It wasn't a supple tyre and become worse after a summer with 30-40C temperatures. I hated them the last months, I could feel anything coming from the road even with 65psi for 25mm. I never had flat at 15000+ kms except two times from the tubeless tape I had on (it was time for new one ),it wasn't tyre related. The other issue I had is these didn't wanna go inside the rim or couldn't take them out. I swear to god, never had this issue with any other tyre. Some wired tyres for city bike were much much easier. I guess you can't have everything :noidea:
Michelins bead to bead is 67-68mm(5000s are 65-66mm).I have seen some photos at 70mm, I don't think that's a 25, more likely an error from factory that was supposed to be 28? :noidea:
One was 221gr the other a bit less. I fitted the heavier at the back , probably more thread thickness (I did the same with the 5000s last year )
The tyres sit at 27-27.5 with 19mm inner at 65 front and 75 back.
Yes is a bit larger than normal but are you guys measure and riding the tyres at 90-100 psi at these big volume carbon rims? These 28-29 measurements doesn't feel right to me unless we are talking larger inner or for 70mm bead to bead tyre or 90-100psi which isn't real world feedback because isnt rideable at these numbers :noidea:
Bead to bead matters most and then the inner width and psi
I have these from mid September. Mid march change front back with around ~9000 kms. April and May had 1750kms each. Now they have almost 14000 kms. The rear tyre (had this at front before swapped them at March) has some issues with at the side of tyre for 2 months, no issues though. The last 2-3 weeks some issues at the middle of the tyre, there is some detachment of the rubber. For reference i weight 55-58kgs.
My review is they are like the 5000, they roll fast, I had one puncture in 10 months=14000 kms (same for 5000) and are more supple than 5000 but I had these issues.
BRR also says tire thickness for 5000 is 3mm (a lot) and for these are around 2.5mm, so probably less mileage.

I bought the 5000 again and I will change them the next weeks

by Weenie

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by mrlobber

Got back from 2 weeks in the Alps/Dolomites, including La Marmotte and the Maratona.
Mostly used Farsports Hypers 50 with 24mm internal, with 25mm Michelins mounted (WAM 30.5mm)

Some marks on the sidewalls from aggressive cornering visible. The rear had 2 small rocks embedded in the casing which didn't penetrate the puncture protecting layer. Overall the tyres performed great.

Just a note - comparing with another pair of Power Cups, which have only seen flat riding so far, these visibly look more worn with 30% less mileage (2000 vs 3000km) - obviously, the rider is the same. So this must be taken into account when speaking about tyre mileages, too, as riding in the mountains seem to accelerate the tyre wear rate quite a bit.
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