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by Mcdeez

Geoff wrote:In my experience, a basetape that looks like that still glues-up just fine. The reason that the glue has stayed on the basetape is that it really adhered well in the first place. Personally, I would add a layer of fresh glue to the base tape, let it dry overnight, then apply another, thin, layer just before you install it.

As an aside, in your last pic, it looks like the basetape itself is coming-off the tire? Is that correct? That would be a bigger issue than the glue and I would recommend resolving that, first.
Thank you!

No the base tape is still glued on on it

If i see a tape unglued, i should just glue it back?

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by Geoff

Absolutely. The base tape needs to be securely fastened to the tubular casing in order to be reliable. There are lots of differing opinions on the 'right' way to do that. I have personally had good luck with very high-strength commercial carpet adhesive (purloined from one of our tenant fit-out contractors), but have also used the old standby, Barge Cement.

by Weenie

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by eurostar

I'm removing old Mastik Pro before I put Carogna tape on. If this is unnecessary please tell me. Glue removal is boring.

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