The Canyon love thread

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by couldyouelaborate

C/o 3 months on the couch and a friendly motorist's insurance company, she is reborn with new wheels :D

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by LewisK

Looks great with Enve wheels!

by Weenie

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by Sammutd88

Lewis wrote:
Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:33 am
Got me a Grail it's Grrrrrrait! :beerchug:

I'd have one bar the terrible looking weld between seat tube and top tube. I cannot deal with it. Other than that, seems to be an excellent "do a bit of everything" bike.

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by moonoi

New​ bike day this weekend, already put 140km on it, and love it Image

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by zmjones

apologize if this has been answered before, but i have a headset question.

canyon says to put the compression plug between the bolts for h11 bars, but the top cap bolt is so long that i'd need like 20mm of spacers above the stem for that to work. is there a shorter one intended or does everyone just have the plug way down in the steerer.

as a result i used giant od2 compression plug i already had, but of course this won't work with the aero top cap. is there an aero top cap that works with a standard compression plug? i guess i will probably just drill out the cover.

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by Raimundo

I kept my expander between the cockpit bolts like Canyon advises, but used a shorter bolt instead of the long OEM one. Done it for years already... same top cap and probably saved 1gr on the shorter aluminium bolt. Marginal gains i guess...

Oh, and threw that nonsense plastic tube and o-rings that come on the OEM bolt in the parts bin... another 0.5gt right there!

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Roel W
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by Roel W ... 08D9E5F60F

This is what Google translate makes of the article:

Frère-holding dives into the field with Van der Poel
GBL, the Frère family's holding company, acquires a majority stake in the fast-growing German sports bike brand Canyon. GBL wins from large Anglo-Saxon funds. Canyon is best known in Belgium as the bicycle sponsor of Mathieu van der Poel.

Carlyle and KKR: It was the big Anglo-Saxon private equity players who, according to Bloomberg news agency, lined up to take over the vacant stake in Canyon. That interest was estimated at 500 million euros. Founder Roman Arnold wanted to cash in on some of the shares and co-owner TSG Consumer Partners all of its shares in Canyon. In addition, Canyon was looking for extra money to continue to finance its growth of about 25 percent per year.

The listed GBL was not mentioned among the candidates at the time, but in the end the people of Brussels are now shooting the main bird. GBL's transformation appears to be complete. For a long time, Group Bruxelles Lambert was a kind of Generale Maatschappij bis with large interests in Belgian industrial crown jewels. At the end of the 1970s, the Walloon steel baron Albert Frère took control of GBL and transferred the Belgian participations one by one into foreign hands, mainly France. This gave Frère a foot in the door at French crown jewels such as Total of Suez.

That strategy has changed. Oil and nuclear energy have been exchanged for companies with a certain link to sustainability or the consumer. A selection from the current portfolio of the family that acquired its start-up capital in the steel basins around Charleroi: sportswear producer Adidas, Bobbejaanland owner Parques Reunidos, the largest Norwegian salmon producer Mowi, Umicore and drinks producer Pernod-Ricard.

Bicycle version of Audi

With the stake in Canyon, GBL invests in one of the fast-growing companies in the sports bike market. Canyon sells directly to the user, without using bike shops. This makes the bicycles more than 20 percent cheaper than similar bicycles. Moreover, Canyon does not go for the lower segment of the market, but opts for the higher segment of racing and mountain bikes and the ever-increasing range of new cycling disciplines for which custom sports bikes are made. Moreover, electric variants are also made of almost all models, which also requires additional investment.

GBL doesn't just get into Canyon. It will also be joined by Tony Fadell, who will join the advisory board. Fadell is not just like that. He was with Apple for many years and was responsible for the teams that developed some versions of the iPod and iPhone. Founder Roman Ornald remains chairman of the board of directors. Canyon sponsors the cycling teams Alpecin-Fenix ​​(Van der Poel) and Movistar (Valverde). It tries to market itself as a kind of bicycle version of Audi, with an emphasis on German engineering qualities.

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by Discodan

moonoi wrote:New​ bike day this weekend, already put 140km on it, and love it Image

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Did they provide the bidons or did you have to get them; ultimate matchy-matchy

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by moonoi

Discodan wrote:Did they provide the bidons or did you have to get them; ultimate matchy-matchy

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Bidons came with the bike

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by Drotti1

First time poster, to the best informative forum!
Has anyone seen the Movistar Team bikes paint jobs up close? I'm trying to determine the correct color in order to paint my Endurace with a similar paint scheme.
I've read different descrpitions such as it fades to navy blue and/or the blue is a metallic.
Downloaded every picture that Ican find but I'm hoping someone has seen the bikes in person and have pictures.
I've spoken with the US Importer and they agree its a beautiful color and lots of people ask about it. They said the bikes are painted in Taiwan but have no further info.
I have emailed the Movistar Team several times inquring about the color but have not received any answer.
We were planning to go to the Giro last Spring, but the world changed forever.
Any help is greatly appreciated,
Thank you, Scott

On an unrelated topic, I have been weighing every part added and subtracted to the bike, new wheels arrive friday. Where is the best area to post? Lots of pictures on the scale.
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by cberg

First post :) my 2016 Aeroad, around 7.5 kg

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by ksjogo

Does anyone have experience with running 28mm tires on older Ultimates (2012 in this case)?
Considering to size up from 25mm and visual what say enough clearance, but the canyon guideline is max 25mm: ... rames.html

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by carbonLORD

2017 Aeroad CF SLX... 2021 Aeroad CF SLX


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by FrankG

Two savage bikes! Love the custom details on the '21! Have you had time to ride the new bike? I'd love to hear your experience. Is it a massive improvement or minor advancement over the previous model? I've been reading a few bad reports on the seat post, excessive wear and movement, have you seen any evidence of either? Probably too new yet. Best of luck with this beauty.
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by Weenie

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by CyclingGuy1999

Hey, don't know if this is the right place to post this but it is a Canyon thread after all. I need some help routing a rear gear cable internally on Canyon Ultimate CF SL. I had the new cable attached to the old one but it slipped off as I was pulling it through so now theres no guide to put the cable through. The cable goes underneath the bottom bracket then out the back of the chain stay. Is there anyway to route it now?

Is there anyway to remove this cover? Also for reference the cable goes through there at the top of the down tube

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