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by dioramahats

New Canyon coming up! What would it be? Is it going to be the new Ultimate?
Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 13.32.34.png

by Weenie

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by cberg

dioramahats wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:35 am
New Canyon coming up! What would it be? Is it going to be the new Ultimate?
Weird, the only other bike that has an SL fork instead of SLX is the (womens) Endurace AL. Could the new one be an aluminium model then? Maybe an Ultimate AL disc?
They used to have an aluminium Ultimate but it vanished a few years ago

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by MayhemSWE

CyclingGuy1999 wrote:
Wed Jan 20, 2021 7:29 pm
Is there anyway to remove this cover?
That's… interesting. What model year is this? On all Canyon bikes I've worked on (both mechanical and electronic) that cover had a slit. That makes it possible to push the sides in toward the center, so that the tabs on the inside releases from the frame and the cover can be removed. Here are two spares I happen to have which fits Ultimate and Endurace with electronic shifting:
For bikes with mechanical shifting cables, the cover also has moulded tracks which the cables pass through. That makes it impossible to remove the cover without having loosened both cables from the derailleurs. Have you loosened both shifter cables or just the one? Maybe they have done away with the tabs and the cover is now kept in place only by the tension from the shifter cables. If you can't figure it out I would suggest removing the bottom bracket so that you can see what is going on that way…

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by Cals

I hope one day to own a new aeroad , as i have not tried an aerobike,
I had the chance to buy one when i was building my first bike that but was when the first slx was introduced.
Now the 2021 is so smexy and fast i heard even on climbs at that weight. That being said I have not found anyone who really did a weenie on this ,
as we know we are in weightweenies and in keeping to the spirit, has anyone seen or found anything of the likes of the lightest aeroad ever build?
Meaning to post in FB but i think here to start would be good.

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by carbonLORD

Canyon rep Robert Brückner on FB reached out today to update Aeroad owners on bar and seat post updates, plus compensation for existing owners...

As promised, we'll keep you updated on the actual Aeroad topics. In addition to this Social Media statement, we will inform all customers via email – those who already got an Aeroad and of course, all who actually have a bike on order.
As you know, our Alpecin-Fenix Cycling Team pro Mathieu van der Poel broke part of the handlebars of his Canyon Aeroad CFR during a bike race at the beginning of March. This did not show up in any of our industry-standard intensive testing procedures according to ISO4210-5, which we always carry out before launching new products. To ensure the safety of our customers, we will replace the drop bars on the cockpit with a reinforced version.
Therefore, we will equip all CFR and CF SLX bikes in the market with the new drop bars, which will be available from July. We have asked our customers not to use their Aeroads until then. To compensate them for the downtime of not being able to ride their Aeroad CFR and CF SLX and to thank them for their loyalty and patience, we will give them a credit. The payment is linked to the repair and will be made after the replacement of the drop bars has been carried out and they have received their Aeroad back from us. We will contact them in due time about the exact repair and payment procedure.

You are probably also wondering about the status of the seat post. The improvement of the seat post will take longer than we originally thought. We currently expect to be able to offer a suitable solution in the autumn that will satisfy our customers and us 100%. We are sorry that we cannot give you an earlier date now. We are also very sorry that we will probably not be able to deliver ordered Aeroads before autumn this year. We ask for your understanding and apologize for a long time off the bike or the waiting time and will also offer compensation for those who won’t be able to use their bikes.

It is important to us that all customers can ride their Aeroads as soon as possible - just like the riders of our pro teams who are currently riding the Aeroad from victory to victory. The handlebars solution used here is safe and complies with UCI regulations, but unfortunately, it is not suitable for series production. Our pro teams will also receive new drop bars and will be equipped with the same configuration as our customers in the future.

Your Canyon Team

Discussion on FB claims €1300 refund and Canyon will cover cost of repairs and parts/labor (shipping?) for CFR owners. No official statement as far as I am aware in the US, or for SLX owners, yet. (EDIT: Just received official US email. $1200 for SLX owners in July when the bar replacement is carried out)

All Aeroad orders cancelled until fall. All repairs and subsequent refunds, fall as well.

Hey, it's something.

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by Clean39T

Does anyone know if this headset topper will work with a 2020 Canyon Endurace SLX? I'd like to get the bars lower and not use the locking topper that came with it... ... i-70-4-5mm

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by bruno2000

dioramahats wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:35 am
New Canyon coming up! What would it be? Is it going to be the new Ultimate?
Where do you see a new ultimate?

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by vanmatthew

dioramahats wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:35 am
New Canyon coming up! What would it be? Is it going to be the new Ultimate?
I'm looking at this. How can you tell there is a new ultimate coming out?

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by MrKnight

Hi all, newbies first reply!
Spoke to Canyon UK Customer Services about the lack of XLarge bikes for sale. They explained that the new range is due for release shortly so they will not be offering anything before that.
No mention of the range release date.
Canyon normally offer special sales/events during Tours so there may be something planned for the Giro, but this is only an assumption.
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by okMX

They released the "new" (old) Endurace a few days ago, mainly new colors for the frames.

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by usr

This time there is absolutely nothing to read into lack of regular stock regarding imminent new releases, there simply aren't any bikes left.

Just look at the outlet list: usually you'd see a lively bunch of current models (with some minor optical damage), last year's models and some from the year or two before, now it's a complete void except for a bunch of electric Grails (and one electric Endurace). Plus a surprising number of TT, which is kind of ironic given all the solo riding that has happened recently.

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by Clean39T

I picked up a 2021 Canyon Ultimate CFR Disc 9.0 AXS a month or so ago out of their US outlet (very lightly used) and have absolutely been loving riding it. I know it's bound to be replaced with a newer model at some point but the geometry works for me and I really dig the color, so I went for it. That has turned out to be a great choice. It does everything well - it's comfortable over 100mi of crap pavement, the wheels are great in crosswinds, the adaptive saddle is excellent, and of course the AXS works perfectly.

The changes I've made so far are adding the DA 9100 +4mm pedals, the Arundel Mandibles, and a K-Edge IHS out-front mount - and switching to a 10-33 Red cassette. It's sitting at 7.1-kg in that dress. Since this pic I've also put on a 3D printed underseat mount for the Bontrager ION rear light that fits in the Fizik ICS receiver. And I have a 46/33 front setup for it and some clear crankskins to go on. I think I'm ready to cut the steerer too. I have some marginally lighter cages coming and still need to set the tires up tubeless. I'm also considering a second set of wheels for super-windy days - maybe some 25th Anniv PRC 1100s, which would take around 200g off the current setup.. just deciding between those and something a bit wider. It seems silly to get wide "climbing" wheels but I could see them coming in handy if I get a wild hair to throw 32s on it and ride BWR type conditions.

Anyway, I'll give it a gallery post once I get a few more things tidied up and swapped out.


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by LongRideX

duplicated, please delete.
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by LongRideX

Hi all

Does anybody know an alternative place to to get spacers for the Canyon bike? Aliexpress or similar?
I don't want to pay 50 bucks for a few pieces of plastic in the Canyon store. They've increased the price from 35 out of the blue a few days back.
I'm selling my stock CP10 for a H31 but I'd like to have another set of spacers, wedge and screws for potential buyers - otherwise it will be more difficult to sell as the cockpit does need the kit.

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by Lewis

Sammutd88 wrote:
Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:21 am
Lewis wrote:
Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:33 am
Got me a Grail it's Grrrrrrait! :beerchug:

I'd have one bar the terrible looking weld between seat tube and top tube. I cannot deal with it. Other than that, seems to be an excellent "do a bit of everything" bike.
Yes that is a fair comment it's not the neatest work I must say, not hugely noticeable on the silver finish but it could certainly be better. Otherwise i've ridden the bike on some savage terrain more suitable to a MTB and it's been great albeit getting my brain shaken to sh*t due to the lack of suspension. As a 'do it all' bike for road too it's amazing. Very fast on road as well i'm pleased. :mrgreen:
2020 Canyon Grail AL 6.0

by Weenie

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