Chapter 2 Koko- Classic scope creep

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by Whipit

I have a soft spot for Chapter2 being a Kiwi living in Europe. It's also really nice that any questions or issues I've add replies always come directly from Mike.
For the past 4 years I've had a rim brake Tere that has served me well, but I finally gave in to the pull to something more aero (I'm mostly riding in Germany and Denmark were most often the highest elevation of a ride is an overpass) and discs.

It would never be a weightweenie build with a frame this heavy. But I was looking for something unique and fast. I told myself I could transfer lot of parts from the Tere over to the Koko, and I pulled the trigger on a frame set to be delivered in NZ when I was home in February. After making the order, I did the detailed planning of all the parts I would transfer. I was happy to conclude that I would have a familiar seat and power meter :D


Frame: Chapter 2 Koko Xl
Bottom Bracket: Praxis 47 integrated
Rear Derailleur: Ultegra 12
Front Deraileur: 105
Levers: Ultegra Di2 12
Wheels: Farsport 50/58 hypers +Carbon-ti hubs + Carbon spokes
Casette: Ultegra 11-30
Discs: Dura-ace (160 + 140mm)
Bar + Stem: Avain Canary t1100
Tires: Continental All Seasons
Cranks: Rotor ALDHU 24mm P2Max
Chain rings: Ultraga
Pedals: Speedplay Pave + Ti spindles
Cages: AliE
Seat: S-works power Arc

Total weight: ~7.8kg (some better scales on the way)


The finish of the Frame is pretty awesome! I assume there is an additional layer of cosmetic carbon as the final layer. Visually it’s very cool and constantly changes with the light

Ascetically I’m still not sold on the d-shape seat post. But I can say I was happy for any extra compliance I could get on Flanders Cobbles
T47 Internal

There is a whole threaded column on the trials and tribulations of t47. But 40nm into a 3mm flange is stupid


IMO SRAM has 1x gravel on point, and Shimano has always been the most crisp for road. Initially I planned this with an aero 1x 52T chainring, but the first trip on the calendar became Flanders. So I panic bought a 105 derailleur for $38 in a sale from Pro bike shop. Now it will forever be a 2x ride and I’ll pick up a ultegra front mech sometime in the future. Between 105 and ultegra there seems to be some significant gains on the ultegra side


Initially I wanted to go for a SL7 type solution with semi external routing under the stem. On impulse I went with the Avian canary. They upgraded to carbon layup from t800 to t1100. I was concerned it might have too much flex, but very happy with the final performance.

The transition piece was not quite so easy. I was in the process of designing a new piece to 3D print. But impatiences and a little modification I was able to get an ok transition. As others have reported the shipped spaces have a slightly blue/purple tint to the black. So I resprayed these with some Warhammer primer/matt black all in one
Overall really happy with the final result

by Weenie

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by AM7Jeremy

Awesome. I also am riding a rim brake Tere that I love and currently building a Koko as well. Who 3d printed your custom tranisition piece? I plan on running a EXS Aerover setup. Looking foward to the ride review.

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by Whipit

Nice! I'm still a big fan of the Tere.. sad to see it go! But this one has made that process easier

So far I haven't 3D printed a customer spacer. I took the standard ones that came with the Canary and took a scalpel to it to make the locking pins line up and get the fit as close as possible.

When you look closely you can see there is a slight difference between the dust cover shape and the spacer, but so far it hasn't bothered me enough to work on the transition any more. I was going to make a stp fit in fusion then just pay someone to print it.
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by AM7Jeremy

Ride report thus far?

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by spokenwords

wow that is nice. didnt have them on radar. as stated, a ride report would be good.
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by Weenie

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by Whipit

I will try to give a ride report. It’s obviously a little hard to control for all the variables, new wheels, new handlebars, etc.

The biggest thing I noticed straight away is just how it holds speed. I know this is super subjective but that feeling I’m just just running it up to speed and it just holds it is great. It was definitely something I know straight away.

I’ve been running the seatpost in “compliance” mode. This i haven’t quite fully got a grip on. Sometimes I really noticed it and I even had like turned and checked if I have a flat tire and then other times it felt very stiff. Like on cobbles I didn’t really notice this flex (but maybe they were just so horrible it would have been even worse without) but with a little bit lower frequency I can feel it flex. It is just not predictable to me yet. Maybe I’ll swap it round soon and contrast it.

The stack and reach numbers meant that I was able to go for a -10 stem and some spaces not a -17 and slammed like the Tere which makes the front end handling feel a bit better. Additional the extra 6mm on reach on the bars makes the flat forearm aero position noticeably more stable and comfortable than with the shorter reach.

I was wondering if I’ve noticed that the front wheel is cut into the down tube, but not at all. It’s super stable cornering and high-speed it doesn’t feel twitchy at all.

Finally, I think from a fit point of view because of this seat, post arrangement, the seat posters, slightly more vertical, and the angle numbers indicate Althought the Tere has the same post angle on that I was running zero offset seat slammed all the way forward for the same relative position of the settle nose to the cranks on this running the standard -15 with the seat not quite slammed forward.

Right now there’s nothing on it that is nagging me to change. I’m really happy with it and I feel like it ticked the fast and unique box!

Photo of my Tere for reference and the Koko on the scales with pedals, garmin mount and cages

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