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by HolyMountain

Hey there folks, I have been riding bikes my whole life but seriously starting about 15 years ago. By seriously, I moved to Portland OR and started communitng everywhere. That got me into building out my own steel frame bikes as the frames looked cool, were easy to repair and could be tossed around. I moved to a rural area and built out a Soma Smoothie ES but decided to actually get "fitted". Somehow i ended up on a 66cm bike! Its a great bike for long casual rides but it is so large I feel like my hed is 8ft off the ground. Fastforward, I am back in an urban area and decided to build a new bike. I have always been hesitant of carbon as it just looked cheap, felt weird to ride and I was worried about a small break destroying the frame. To my surprise carbon has come a long way - not to mention electronic everything! So, i am here to nerd out on building a new urban assualt/ long distance road bike! Wish me luck!

by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

Welcome, the world is your oyster. I'm sure you are here for a reason and I would guess to take advantage of the members knowledge and experience. Ask away!

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