SL8 as an old man's birthday present (to himself) 6,2kg

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by goodboyr

You went from a 54 to a 56.......what happened?

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by TriJoeri

goodboyr wrote:
Wed Apr 17, 2024 1:41 am
You went from a 54 to a 56.......what happened?

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As he said in his first post, he got old :P

by Weenie

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by loup

Haha, yes to some extent 😅
I'm 179cm tall, 86cm leg inseam.

I've ridden 56 bevor the SL6, and decided to try 54 back then. I ended up with having the handlebar 14,5cm below the saddle height. This worked but it's... Exhausting... At least a little bit. Now I go back to 56 frame and 12cm saddle/handlebar

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by tomsneo

This bike is sick! props to a bad ass build cheers!
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by Bregantium

Very individual build, thanks for sharing that lovely bike.

Sure it is my personal taste, but the white decals on the wheels as well as the three times white "specialized" on frame and fork are a bit too much for me... without that it would be cleaner and the lovely paint job would pop even more.

Regarding the cockpit, you might wanna check with Vladi Riha in Hamburg, I got a 115/380 from their stock last autumn.

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by da123

Great work 👍. Love the paint job - wish I'd been as creative / brave for my RTP (I chickened out and just got some different decals). Amazing weight too. I'd personally lose the white Roval stickers, but the white on the frame is fantastic. Oh, and 40 isn't old (says the man who bought his SL8 as his 50th b'day gift to himself 😉)

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by loup

Thx for the shopping tip! ✌️ Ordered my 110/400 cockpit right away. But the shop is in Bremen?)

After riding like 25h I think 115 would be to long. And 400 will be better in standing climbing drills and fast decents

I really had the vision of a classic black bike with white logos... But with a unique colour touch. At the moment I think it's looking just great! But good thing is, it's always possible to go to black rim decals in the future 🤘

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by loup

Final finish 🤩✌️🎉

Cutted the fork and the Sl8 expander plug 0,5 mm after the first bearing.

Exactly 6,20kg on my park tool scale 🤘
(/w pedals, w/o saddle bag)

I'm very happy 😁

Still now outdoor pics due to the ongoing bad winter weather in Europe... So I'm doing my laps in full winter clothes on my gravel bike 🥴😮💨 but hopefully spring will be back soon!!!

Fun fact: the build is with custom paint still ~2k€ cheaper than the top spec OEM S-WORKS (w/o any sponsoring). But has PM and lower weight 😱

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by pdlpsher1

Very nice but the Sram logo needs to go

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by bmrk

Is the Gelu saddle stack height high enough to clear the saddle clamp bolts ? Did you had to do any modification?

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by parajba

Very nice bike.

Re the RTP frame, can you explain how it works? Can you just buy an RTP frame and use it like that, or will it be missing the protective lacquer or protection and must be painted? You only added 52g, that's very light, but did you only do the parts visible in gold or did you paint the full frame with a clear coat and the gold bits? Sorry for all the questions, but I don't understand how the RTP frame works.

Out of all options, which one is the lightest and which one offers the best (strongest) paint? I like the satin carbon snake eye RTP frame and the satin carbon viavi cian blue silver blue pearl fade. They cost the same, is the RTP a finished product (should I wanted to keep it like that) or does it need to be finished by a professional painter?

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by dg2024

Awesome looking bike! Where did you get the sram decals for the cranks?

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