Greetings from Tucson, AZ - Chapter 2 Toa

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by diskzero

Hello all!

Gene from Tucson here, sharing some pics of my Chapter 2 Toa.

Weight at build time 7.4 kg. With a saddlebag and sealant the weight has gone up. The bike isn't exactly superlight, but it isn't too heavy either.

The components arent' that exotic, although I admit they are expensive.

Chapter2 Toa Frame
Chapter2 Mana Bars
Chapter2 Bottle Cages
Campagnolo Wireless Super Record Group
BBInfinite T47 Bottom Bracket
Enve SES 4.5 Wheels
Enve SES 29c Tires
Silca Bar Tape
Selle SMP Nymber Saddle with Stainless Rails
Look Keo Power Pedals

Dura Ace rotors are on the wheels only because I didn't take the time to install the Campy one. This saved four grams, although I'll put the Campy rotors on at some point.

I have been riding and racing since 1980. I am 55 (as of 2024) and ride about fourteen hours a week. I don't do much racing now, but still do the fast group ride on Saturday.

This build has almost 2000 hours of riding time on it.

If anyone has any quesitons about the Chapter 2 frame, Campy Wireless or Tucson, just ask.



by Weenie

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by AM7Jeremy

Love Chapter2 framesets, personally have owned the Tere and Rere in rim. Just picked up a Koko to build next.

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by action2096

Nice looking bike. I'm looking for a nice fast bike with a bit more comfort and the TOA is on my shortlist. What other bikes have you owned / ridden and how would you say it compares? Also what size is the frame ? I heard that they come up a bit heavy but 7.4kg is pretty reasonable

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by diskzero

Sorry for the late reply!

The frame is a 56 and it isn't the lightest frame you can find in that size out there. I think it is very good racing frame for the price.

Your choice of wheels and tire width will make a big difference in comfort. The Enve wheels with Enve 29 tires make this frame feel pretty good. It is a stiff frame and very responsive, but I feel fatigue coming on after a few hours of riding. My other main bike is an Enve Fray which is super comfortable and great for long rides. It is also the bike I do most of my training on.

The Toa isn't nearly as harsh as my previous bikes, a DeRosa SK and a Specialized Tarmac. Those older bikes were from the previous generation of frames that could barely accept a 25mm tire.

The Toa build has super expensive components on it to make that light weight. It may have been better to go with a lighter frame and then use less expensive components such as Ultegra. This is always the dilemma, isn't it!

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by wheelbuilder

How is the riding in AZ? What do your normal training routes entail? I'm super lucky to live in NorCal on the peninsula with access to pretty awesome roads but am contemplating getting out of this state.
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