2024 Factor Ostro (v2) - Pictures and Review

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by Radoas

I can compare the FACTOR ostro VAM II with a SWORKS Venge Disc. :D

Factor Build: size 56 - White-black frame - blackinc handlebar 400X100 - Blackinc 48/58 wheels - Ultegra DI2 - Continental GP 5000 TL tires (28mm).
UPGRADES: Dura Ace cassette 11-34 -FSA light Carbon cranckset - (Direct mount derailleurhanger and new OSPW ceramicspeed is on the way :D )

Weight without pedals and bottleholders: 7.02 KG. So with pedals (ultegra) and bottleholders it will be around 7.3 KG. Not bad for ultegra DI2.

My Sworks Venge Disch 2020: size 56 - Dura Ace DI2 (11Speed) - Roval CLX 64 wheels - Sworks turbo cotton 28mm - Roval Aero bar: wheigt including pedals and bottlecages 7.8 KG.

Ride feel difference: Sitting in almost identitical position The Ostro vam II is so much more complaiant and relaxing to ride. Never thought that riding a full aero bike could be comfortable. Love the ride feeling. Also my back is happy with the ostro 8)

I get the feeling that the Venge is faster. Maybe the harsh ride feeling? But is is not faster. I think the comfort of the ostro gives me the feeling it is not that fast but it is fast.

Climbing: big difference between the bikes. The ostro is much more easy to climb.

Acceleration: I have the feeling that the venge is faster in acceleration when sprinting. Need to ride some more to really have a correct feeling.

Handlebar: The blackinc handlebar is a great piece of equipment. For me much more comfort as on the roval aerobar. It has some flex when down in tha drops when grabbing at the end of the drops. So comfy. When sprint in the drops no issue with the flex. Really like the blackinc handlebar.

Since the Ostro Vam II is in my garage and i go out for a ride i always prefer the Ostro VAM II above the venge.

by Weenie

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by ultyguy

Great stuff, thanks for the right up! I’m in almost exactly the same boat with a long in the tooth SL7 that I use as my crit/high speed race bike.

I’ve also noticed the same phenomenon with more true ‘aero’ frames like the Venge/Foil etc that they tend to want to go straight and understeer somewhat because of this, I have a feeling this is somehow because of the way the air is flowing around the bike. My personal preference is to have amore ninle bike but the moat aero one possible.

i also have a SS Leichtbau for big mountain sportives and long races amd am considering going with the new SS to fill the fast gap but for aure it's natire is more of a GT than a street fighter like tge SL7. I'd be pretty loathe to smack down the big $$$ for an SL8 and then crash it Image

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