Synapse Hi Mod….UCI illegal with fenders/mudguards [emoji6]

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by Deihlos91

Beancouter wrote:
Fri Aug 26, 2022 9:48 pm
Build list - expect it will end up nearer to 6100g


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Have you finished your build up?
Would like to see your final bike. I am sanding at the moment also a Synapse Hi-Mod frame for a new build up.

Would be great to get some updates and pictures!
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by Weenie

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by Beancouter

Need to find sometime to post some decent pictures but current build, with full fenders, is coming in at 6.66kg.

It will take some work to get is sub 6 without fenders (unless I go dura ace) but 6.1kg should be doable …. So, weight to come off still:

- the Hylix seatpost I had failed on me (will probably go for MCFK -60g)
- 34t cassette v 30t - -20g
- Dura Ace calipers - 30/40g (I have got some but ended up on my Evo)
- Fenders of course - can’t recall precise weight but between 400-500g with fixings.! Although was riding in France last week and one of the guys at the same event suggested they were spoilers (ie making it faster!) so might leave them on Image





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by robbosmans

what fenders are those? Bike looks really good.

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by mrlobber

Seconded the question on fenders.

Additionally, how deep are the Feders? 45mm? Pretty impressive weight on the wheels of such depth too.
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by Beancouter

The mudguards are velo duo. They are slightly too wide for the Feders (40mm deep) - when the weather properly changes, I will pu my LB on with 31mm enve tyres - it then works perfectly!

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by Mr.Gib

Killer winter bike.

Careful with the 31mm Enve tires on the front. I found 30mm in the front left the bare minimum clearance on my Synapse. Fine as long as the tire doesn't pick up anything too big.
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by iamraymond

Very nice build! You’re probably not far off from the weight of a stock Aethos and you get the added versatility of running proper fenders.

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