Kayrehn's Factor VAM disc build

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by Kayrehn

Nixster wrote:Hi, I'm curious about how well the cable hybrid brakes work?
I also have a eTap gen 1 rim brake groupset this would be a cost effective way to a disc brake bike.
Any issues so far? How does the brake performance compare to hydraulic or eebrakes on decent rims?
It is indeed a cheapish way to reuse the rim groupset on a disc build. I was using hydraulic disc before I made the switch, was quite cheap for me to get some rim shifters. These brakes are favored by bike tourers for their simplicity, and definitely can provide any amount of braking force you need, without exerting as much finger pressure as when you are using rim brakes. It is easy still to squeeze the brakes with hydraulic disc systems, but I actually prefer the larger 'range' that you can modulate the braking power with cable disc calipers. Whereas with hydraulic systems, you get easy braking with half the lever range then you get a sudden locking of the rotors.

But yes, main reason I am using them is because they are much lighter. But they are really excellent, easy to maintain and i certainly recommend them if you have a rim shifter set lying around.

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by Weenie

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by Nixster

Great response, thanks 👍

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