Cervelo S3 Disc - New DA R9200 Rebuild + Pics + Build List (Page 7+8) - New Alps/Seatpost Weight 6.62 kg

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by PinaRene

Question, do you like the Hylix seatpost ? Was thinking about buying one for the BMC. Pretty nice bike - with a very nice weight !!

by Weenie

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by stevec1975

Hey PinaRene, I am on the fence on the Hylix, whilst the listings state it fits this Cervelo, the shape is a fraction bigger all round than the original, this requires sanding to fit, due to the tight fit, the Cervelo wedge seatclamp is also not sitting perfectly, I haven't done much of a long ride on it, but am worried about it, which isn't a good place to be..

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by Ooookaaay

Nice aero build! Could you please specs what to bolts are used for brakes calipers?

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