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by la85

Hey all,

Question relating to clip in shoes... I have two pairs of Specialized S works recon shoes being a 2020 and 2023 models. The 2020 models sole of the shoe doesnt touch the pedal and has some rocking movement, whilst the new 2023 pairs sole and pedal do touch. The 2023 pair squeeks where the sole and pedal rub. How much power is transfered from sole to pedal?? Or is all the power transfered through the actual shoe to pedal anyway?

Long story short I am wondering if I trim the soles so they dont rub if I will loose any performance i.e the sole wont touch and the only connection will be between the XTR pedal and carbon shoe plate.


by Weenie

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by boots2000

What pedals? I would try some sort of shim that puts the cleat out far enough so that shoe does not rub. See how that feels. Only modify the shoe if you are certain it will function as you desire.

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by Swannie

i'm using crankbros shields to prevent the squeeking on my SW recon's.

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