Kon-Q-Renz Front Hub? Alternatives?

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by LeDuke

Tried to buy a Kon-Q-Renz front hub on eBay yesterday. Received a message via email this morning, from the seller, saying that their liability insurance does not cover the sale of their product in the US.

Being a typical American, I'm unaware of the requirements of commerce in the EU. Is this a common thing, for German or EU-based brands?

Is there any 3rd party retailer that sells this hub? It looks like "Jenny.Christian" on eBay and TuningChristian on BikeMarkt are the same person and I'd likely have the same result trying to buy on BikeMarkt.

Alternately, what is another comparable hub in this price range/application? The NonPlus boost 6 bolt front hub looks pretty nice but it appears to use proprietary tools for bearing maintenance. Not sure how I feel about that.

Edit: Just looked again at R2 and apparently, the Nonplus hub is designed and manufactured by the same people (Christian Jenny) and it can't be sold to people in the US. So, need other options. I really like the industrial look of the Kon-Q-Renz and NonPlus.


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by F45

Buy it through mygermany

by Weenie

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by fatpinarellorider

or mailboxde.com

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