XTR and Sram Eagle Compatibility Question

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by partytaco

Hello, I am building up a HT MTB and have a complete XTR drivetrain minus the crank. Do I have to go with the XTR crankset or am I able to use a Sram XX1 crankset? If yes, anything I should know? What chain? Do I need to swap the XX1 chainring for a different Shimano-compatible one. This is a Specialized Chisel frame - also what model XX1 crank?

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by js

You can run a SRAM crank with a Shimano drivetrain. Assuming you're talking about 12spd XTR, you'll have best results on the Hyperglide+ cassette using a Shimano 12spd chain - which has shaping to match the cassette's function. That means you'll need a chainring that's compatible with that chain as well. I run a Wolftooth on mine and it's been great.

by Weenie

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by Hexsense

The most offensive part that make most old chainring incompatible with Shimano 12 speed chain is the quicklink.
Shimano quicklink somehow is much narrower than any other chain link. If you plan to use XX1 crankset, use Shimano chain with Sram Eagle quicklink. Don't use Shimano quicklink.

Also, some chainring still have problem with Shimano chain even after using Eagle quicklink. One of that is Wolftooth chainring for Sram.

In a quick summary:
Sram chainring (and some other 3rd party 12speed rings): compatible with Shimano chain with Sram Eagle quick link.
Wolftooth ring for Sram (and also a few other 3rd party 12speed rings): can't be used with Shimano chain.
Wolftooth ring for Shimano chain: compatible with Shimano chain with its quick link
Shimano 12speed compatible chainring: compatible with Shimano chain with its quick link

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by prebsy

I use the wolf-tooth ring as well. It works perfectly and is very handsome =)

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