New Shimano XTR M9200?

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by snaxez

Seems Shimano XTR has been releasing a new group every 4 years ... cts/58.php
Is there any info on new XTR groupset coming maybe next year? Maybe new Di2?
Sram has new prototype BlackBox AXS, that has been seen on Nino and some others. Might come next year as well.

There have been a few interesting patents by shimano: ... y-shimano/ ... y-shimano/

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by Hexsense

If I'm Shimano, I'd wait for the next AXS first. Since it's about to be released very very soon.
A lot of deep discount on the current Sram MTB groupset already. They are clearing stock for the new group.

On the wish list:
I'm no longer using Shimano shifter and derailleur on MTB because of its leaky clutch housing. Shimano XT derailleur have clutch housing that allow easy water ingress through the clutch on/off lever. So, on my wetland area, Shimano clutch stick and mulfunction easily from rust/water damage as shown in video below. Clutch service can extend its life a bit but cannot undo rust damage. This is 5 months old clutch that replace older clutch which dead by the same fate. Sram RD (and chain) are a lot more rust and water resistant in my experience.

So, making the groupset more weather resistant is high on my wish list.
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by Weenie

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by jfranci3

That and RD lock for changing the rear wheel. Sram had these and they went away on the newer RDs.

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by ooo

No new semiwireless or wireless shimano products appeared on fcc test lists so far

And we are still waiting for Saint G8000 update (1x7 prototype appeared in 2021)

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by F45

Chinese wireless AXS knockoffs but no Shimano competitor? Sad.

Sram does a lot of things more logically. One piece machined steel cassettes. Super hard chain surface treatment. Wireless shifting. Shimano does some things more logically than Sram but not as many things.

Looking forward to the triples and quadruple material Shimano 9200 Cassette. Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Carbon, all in one cassette. What a great value.

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by alexdi

I'm very interested in the new SRAM cassette. It looks like they've made more of the top sprockets aluminum. Could narrow the weight gap to the 11S stuff.

by Weenie

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by stoney

I'd rather have the one piece all steel cassette SRAM used to make that lasted forever.

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