XTR pedals driving me crazy

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by GCapellari

I have used a tea candle as a anti squeek measure on look keo pedals for a while. Just rub the wax on the contact surfaces. Doesn't attract dirt as much as a wet lube and lasts longer. Should work on SPD as well.

by Weenie

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by F45

I use the xtr trail pedals with the Giro lace up shoes and there's no squeaking.

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by Shinso

I have this exact issue with my Lake Supercross shoes (used for width, love them) and XTR pedals - will give the candle trick a go. I do like a quiet bike and this has been driving me crazy. Not keen on increasing the stack height though, I'd sooner perform surgery on the rubber soles.

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by hartox

I had the same problems with my XT pedals and Specialized and Lake shoes.. Switched to HT component M1 pedals and all is good.

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